The play sessions are open to

anyone who has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19

who would like to play recorders in a group environment, i.e. members and non-members.   

If you plan to attend any of our play sessions, please let the host know by e-mail or phone.  It helps in preparing the sheet music for the evening.


January 2022 Schedule

January 14, 2022, 7:30 – 9:00 pm, Second Friday. We will meet at Seraina and Johannes Gessler’s home, 3205 Shore Road, Fort Collins. Members and non-members are welcome to join to play recorders.  For more information contact Pattie Cowell ( or the host, Seraina. Please let Seraina know if you plan to attend, so she can prepare sufficient copies of the sheet music. You can reach Seraina at 970-484-0647 or at