Wolfgang & Mary

Here are the directions to our house:

From Fort Collins, drive CO38 westbound toward Masonville. About 2 miles past the parking lot for the Horsetooth natural area turn right (north) on CO25.The turnoff is just past the bridge over Redstone Creek.

About 1.8 miles north on CO25, just past the cattle guard, make a sharp left up Swanson Ranch Road. Be sure to stay left. There’s a driveway off to the right where you make that left.

To open the gate at the base of Swanson Ranch Road, enter 9784 (just those numbers without a # or *) on the keypad on the left side of the road.

Drive about half a mile up Swanson Ranch Road to our house. It’s a log home up on the hill. The driveway is on the right, just around the first corner. If you go left instead of right, you’re in a steep ravine, so right is the way to go.

If you get lost and have service through AT&T, call me at 816-797-6619. The other cell providers don’t serve Redstone Canyon.